Resource and Reference Materials


Panasonic HVX200 Shooting Formats to Avid Project Formats (Avid Technology)

Panasonic VFR® Support in Avid Editing Products (Michael Phillips)

HVX200 Support For Avid Editing Products (Michael Phillips)

Production Audio Recording Rates for NTSC Post Production (Michael Phillips)

Avid Insider Event 12/7/05 (presentation and tool downloads)

Motion Picture Calculators

HD Profiles side by side (Avid Technology)

PAL Pulldown cadence explained (24p to 25i) (Michael Phillips)

2 Rows of Buttons in Xpress Pro (Michael Phillips)

Cinematography Calculators (Panavision New Zealand)

Frame Rate Conversions using Avid FluidMotion (Michael Phillips)

New Film Features in Avid Media Composer Adrenaline HD (Michael Phillips for Motion Picture Editor's Guild Magazine)

Graphics Card Overly Color Shift (Avid Tech)

Using A Greta Macbeth Color Chart (Michael Phillips sidebar for Motion Picture Editor's Guild Magazine)

New Cutlist Templates for Avid FilmScribe (Michael Phillips for Motion Picture Editor's Guild Magazine)

24p NTSC MPEG2 Encoding using Sorenson Squeeze (Michael Phillips)

Quick Color Correction Example

Guidelines for Working with 23.976p or 24p Project Types in Avid (Michael Phillips for Motion Picture Editor's Guild Magazine)

Digitizing Digital Audio into Xpress Pro (Michael Phillips)

Preparing an Avid Media Composer Project for Avid DS HD Online (Matchframe Video)

AG-DVX100 Menu Guide (Panasonic)

Equivalent Focal Lengths Calculator For all Formats (Panavision New Zealand)

Instructions for Removing DRD RAM Discs From Cartridges (Michael Phillips)

American Cinematographer Article - High resolution Frames (Michael Phillips)

30 Frame Project import into 24p (Michael Phillips)

AG-DVX100 Setup and Pedestal relationship to IRE and RGB (Michael Phillips and Peter Fasciano)

Panasonic AJ-HDCV27Fp Operator's Manual (Panasonic)

Managing Luminance in DV (Chris Meyer)

Creating Audio Sync Check files from 24p offline to 23.976 online (Michael Phillips)

720p24 & VFR Workflow for Avid Products (Michael Phillips)

Panasonic AG-XDV100 Pulldown Explained (Michael Phillips)

DVX100 and Digital Filmmaking (Adam Wilt)

Creating 24 frame EDL from Video Based Projects PAL and NTSC (Michael Phillips)

Using the Sony HDW-F500 VTR (24P) with Symphony Universal or Universal Offline Option (Michael Phillips)

Broadcast Television Standards by Country
(Michael Phillips)

Matchback Cutlists From NTSC Based Projects

Avid Audio Workflow using HDW-900 (Michael Phillips)

Creating 24 Frame EDL's on Avid 7.2 (ABVB) (Michael Phillips)

Managing the Content Explosion (from

Ale File Specification

PAL Timecode for Film and 1080p/24 Production (Michael Phillips)

Film Gauges and Counting Schemes (Michael Phillips)


The Global Situation and and Future of HDTV (speech by John GS Ive at the Deutche TV Plattform Symposium -

Using Broadcast WAV, inDAW, and PAL Film Composer/24p (Michael Phillips)

Recording Time vs. Disk Capacity for HD and SD Video Formats (link to Accom)

Utilizing Overcrank/Undercrank Video from the Pansaonic Variable Frame Rate High Definition Camera (Pansasonic Whitepaper by David Wiswell)

HDW-F900 Camera Operator's Manual (1st edtion, revised 1)

HDW-F900 Maintenance Manual (version 1)

SMPTE 2001 24P Presentation "Working with 24p in a PAL and NTSC Environment (by Michael Phillips)

Direct RS-422 Control of the HDW-F500 for NTSC Offline (Michael Phillips and Don Kenzinger and Mike Walker)

24p At Age one, The Triumph and the Promise (Sony CineAlta USA)

Step by Step SET UP for 23.98 or 24 on the HDW-F500 for NTSC Down Convert

The Guide to Digital Television (Creative Planet)

Digital Filmmaking for Videographers (Adam Wilt DV Expo 2001)

The Cinematographer's Test Compares Film and 24p (Kodak)

Timecode and the High Defintion Camera (Charles Parra, Denecke, Inc.)

24p Post Production (Terry Brown)

High Definition Budgets and Working Practices (Michael Brennan)

24 Frame and Multiple Frame Rate Post Production Considerations (Panasonic white paper by David Wiswell)

Arrival or a 24 Frame Progressive Scan HDTV System (Sony)

The Journey from the Camera to the Screen (Kodak)

24p High Defintion Post (Laser Pacific)

Avid/1 Media Composer UI (Avid Technology, 1989)