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Head Start for Disabling Media Composer Resolutions

Saturday, January 21st, 2017


Update 11/28/18: Added the new DNxHD/HR Uncompressed Resolutions.

In many situations, it is desirable to eliminate resolutions choices in Media Composer to prevent wrong ones being used, etc. This is especially helpful in workgroup environments where consistency of codec selection is very important. Avid does make it possible to for Media Composer to no load certain resolutions at startup by creating a DisabledRes.txt and listing all the resolutions to disable. That process is explained here in the Avid Knowledgebase (2014).

As noted in the Knowledgebase article; “do not remove all resolutions”. I ran with all of them removed and it still launches, youjust don’t have any resolutions at all.

The following download link contains a starter file that lists all the resolutions that I could find across all project types. You can add those back in (and remove others) by typing those into the list. For this scenario, it would be nice if Avid offered the alternative “EnabledRes” so that the user would only need to enter the few they do want to use which would be an easier process. It would also have been nice to have a starter file on the Knowledgeable that stays updated as new resolutions are added and removing the ones you want to use. If I did indeed get all of them, there are 128 of them.

To make it easier for others, download the complete DisabledRes file here and remove the ones you want to work with. Add them to the Media Composer folder as noted in the Knowledgebase article.

In my testing so far, this does not seem to affect any of the DNxHR resolutions in some releases of Media Composer (ex: 8.5.x) and they continue to be available despite being part of the list. But in 8.7.2, the DNxHR resolutions are not listed. Might be release specific.

Thanks to Dennis Bethke for getting this list started. If I missed any, please let me know.