Calendar As Alternate Bin View


For a while now, I have always thought that a calendar UI as an overview to dailies would be quite useful for many type of productions – be it scripted, reality, news or even legal and forensic. Knowing the day an asset was created is a very useful piece of metadata.

Many NLE’s can either search on a date, or sort by that date in their existing “bin” view, but what I am speaking of, is a full on calendar type UI interaction. View by month, week, day, and time span within the day. As most, if not all productions have TOD either as the main timecode or as audio timecode, the shoot date and time are readily available.

There have been countless times when working with a director or producer and they are like; “I know we shot something last Thursday… right after lunch.  With this, you would be able to open up the calendar view, go to last Thursday afternoon, expand the afternoon hours and see all your coverage.

And as with most calendar offerings, the ability to filter based on other metadata such as A, B, C… camera, or type of clip; In Media Composer vernacular it would be master clip, subclip, sync clip, group clip, etc.

FCPx is close with “events” and such, but the presentation is more of a sorted list by date rather than an actual calendar UI that everyone is familiar with. Interacting with events would be easy, open clip, play clip, see more details on clip, etc. But I can see such a view being easily implemented with FCPx by Apple or enterprising third party developer using XML and different style sheets etc. or using XMP with Adobe Premiere Pro. In order to have such a view in Avid Media Composer, Avid engineering would have to do the work, or perhaps a third party using API’s with Avid Interplay. The latter would put a price barrier for many of the markets this could benefit, but would be welcomed all the same by productions using ISIS and Interplay.

From there, one can imagine links or attachment to other related items such as camera and audio reports – or in the case of legal, depositions and other related documents.

I think it would be a very useful, unique and innovative feature to have as productions are shooting more and more footage, and having another view into the footage can only help the creative process.

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