NLE GUI Monitors in Portrait Mode

Not a week goes by where I don’t see a report on the increased use of video in marketing, digital signage, education, and mobile devices. As much as my work is in theatrical and broadcast, there are large opportunities in the power of video outside those traditional distribution channels. I recently helped a friend on museum presentation she is doing for her PhD in communications. It is a five-projector setup presenting the life of Edgar Allan Poe through the five important women in his life.

The women are all shot in portrait mode, as the projectors will be also to have each women “sitting” in a chair within the museum set piece. While the creative editorial aspects for this are straightforward, “previewing” it while editing was more challenging. It would be a huge timesaver, and more pleasing to edit with UI monitors in the GUI that could rotate 90 degrees either direction (per clip basis) so that I could see the full image upright. This would eliminate the resize, rotate of a 3D type effect reducing the image quality in order to do the editing with the women upright in their positions.

In an ever-changing world, an NLE adapting to the needs of the video distribution channel is key – Rotating the GUI monitors is a simple, yet powerful addition to the toolset. Export would still be horizontal, but adding the rotate display flag to the QuickTime wrapper would be a nice bonus. The “sequence” would have a defined rotate order such as CW or CWW so that the sources would properly align automatically when exported in case the cameraperson wasn’t consistent in his/her CW or CWW orientation when shooting.

Interactivity is another favorite topic of mine – a future posting will discuss creation of “smart media” and Avid’s 12 year head start with MetaSync, that unfortunately is no longer part of the program.

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