In the course of my “industry research” I came across a very cool little application called “Plotagon“. It is a simple integrated script and storyboard application with real time playback and voices of what is written, very similar to a gaming engine, or a SIMS type environment. It will be interesting to see where this application goes as they expand its toolset as it can be used in marketing, social media, education and to some extent, filmmaking. I was able to very quickly write a bad script and using the preset list of actions create a small scene. Once complete, it can be shared via the Plotagon site as well as YouTube if desired. You can see this masterpiece here. The script can be exported using the Fountain markup language supported in several writing applications. The entire process is very easy, and somewhat addicting. The filmmaking process would need more controls over actions, timing, angles, etc. which would make the UI more involved, but I can see them pulling this off in future versions.

This reminds me of technology I have seen in the past with PowerProduction’s software offerings for storyboarding and recently its integration as a plug-in for NLE systems.  Martini QuickShot can be used in Final Cut Pro and Media Composer as an AVX plug-in allowing editors to add missing shots as needed rather than just a title with “Missing Shot” providing better previsualizuation when working with production and producers. I have often sent printed timelines or exports in frame view to production to give the a better idea of the shot size and angle to better support the story. In 2005, Media Composer exported interactive HTML storyboards from Avid FilmScribe, but unfortunately most of the web-based templates no longer work.

Editing,  like any language, is in a constant state of change. The combination of script, game engines, editing continue to shape how stories are told and shared across different distribution channels and will be fascinating to see how tools used by storytellers will evolve over time.

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