Update to FrameFlex vs. Resize


It seems I fell victim to different behaviors with FrameFlex whether it be on the source side or in the timeline when I did my original test and described here.  In my test, I compared FrameFlex in the timeline to a resize using 3DWarp effect with HQ setting active. Where I went wrong, was assuming that transcoding the sequence with FrameFlex baked in was using the pixels from the higher resolution clip it was linked to and was surprised that both results looked exactly the same. The behavior is that a transcoded sequence with FrameFlex will apply parameters applied to the Source Setting as an extraction, but not the ones created with FrameFlex in the timeline regardless of active settings in the transcode dialog window. The result is that it will behave no differently than a 3DWarp or other resize effect and end up having no difference in quality defeating the purpose of using FrameFlex in the first place.

My thinking was once the editing was done, and a conform to the camera originals was completed, one could just do a transcode to the a mastering resolution and continue on from there. In order to preserve the higher quality extraction offered via FrameFlex, you need to render the FrameFlex effects in the timeline as you would any other effect as seen by these examples (courtesy of Grant Petty 4K images from the Blackmagic camera):

Click on image for 1920 x 1080 version. Here is the transcoded version of the event in the timeline:


And here is the rendered version:


As you can see, the rendered image is sharper overall in comparison to the transcode as it is uses all the pixels of the FrameFlex region of interest. In transcoding, the image is first getting scaled to 1920 x 1080, then a resize is applied.  So be sure to plan accordingly when using FrameFlex in the timeline for your mastering needs. I suggest creating a clip color for the event in the timeline as it is not possible to know which clips have a timeline FrameFlex applied to it as the green dot can now mean one or all of the following; frame rate mismatch, XY resolution does not match project, or a color transform is active.

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