Translating DCI titles to Avid SubCap


I found an old archive on CD from 2009 when going through a box of stuff and found a little side project… This one is a bit if a niche need, but was something that Glenn Lea and I had put together using XML and a transforms to translate a DCI subtitle file to be used in Avid with the SubCap effect.  This particular workflow was to re purpose the subtitles for foreign distribution within Media Composer but some may still find use for it for different workflows. I also found the XSLT that takes a change list as FilmScribe XML and translates it to a standard EDL. This was done for the sound stage change list management for Green Lantern. I need to test that to see if it still works as FilmScribe is no longer reliable when using AMA and any sources with a green dot as everything is considered a VFX when it shouldn’t be. But should still work for transcoded and traditional dailies workflows. If it still works, I will update the blog with a step by step.

The XSLT for DCI Subtitles can be downloaded here.

The Step by step for using it: dci-subtitle-xml-to-avid-subcap-format.pdf.

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