Song Metadata


As you can tell from many of my blogs and comments on various forums,  I am a big fan of metadata and how it can be used to enhance workflows both creatively and technically. One of the things that I always found limiting with Avid’s QuickTime AMA plug-in was its lack of metadata support other than the filename and a timcode track when available. Depending on file format being accessed, there is related metadata that can be useful to the editorial process as well as downstream workflows involving reporting. This led me to develop a dedicated AMA plug-in for songs as all the ID3 metadata in an iTunes or similar type library is lost when importing or linking in Avid Media Composer. Working with Justin Kwan, we created the mus.iD AMA plug-in to solve that problem by bringing in that metadata when first linking to a single song, or a full library. 

Now, in addition to just the song name, the user can get composer, album, copyright, tempo (BPM), genre, lyrics, etc. Which is all useful information for editors to sort or find specific songs during the creative process. Another benefit we added was the ability to easily extract which songs were used in the sequence to start the cue sheet process for rights & clearances. All distribution deliverables will ask for a list of songs used, published, etc. as well as where and for how long. A mus.iD reporting application is also available letting the user drag and drop ease of use of an AAF file creating a file ready to be opened in Microsoft Excel or any program that supports CSV or TAB files.

The AMA plug-in and reporting application can be purchased separately or as a bundle depending on your needs. Visit the mus.iD website for more info, a video demo and store.

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