Making LUTs Available to All Projects



In Media Composer 7.x, there is currently no way to differentiate a LUT import intended for all projects versus LUTs that are project specific. Importing a LUT is only available to the project in which it was imported. This is great when moving projects around from system to system,but if there was a LUT that you wanted to use all the time, regardless of project, the workaround is to manually copy the contents of the LUTs folder (found in the project folder) to:

  • OS X:  Library/Application Support/Avid/ColorManagement/LUTs folder
  • Windows: /ProgramData/Avid/ColorManagement/LUTs folder

For any single LUT you might want to move, you need to copy the LUT as well as the XML file of the same name. From then on your LUTs will show up in any new or existing project on that system.

Update 12/31/14: Media Composer 8.3 now allows for LUT import  to be per project, or system wide.


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