Motion Effect Types in Progressive Projects


There was a discussion on the Avid Community forums as to what the different field based motion effect types do when working with progressive footage in a progressive project. I thought that was a great question and set out to do a quick test using Job te Burg’s excellent digital countdown leader available here.

I did two things with the original countdown. I did a DVE move left to right to get some additional movement and then did a 50% speed change (1/2 speed) rendered with each of the 7 types of motion effect types available in the Timewarp effect. In all cases, the input and output settings were set to progressive. For the 7 different types offered, you only end up with 4 different looking results as the following pairs end up with the same result:

  1. Blended VTR and Blended Interpolated
  2. Both Fields and Duplicated Fields
  3. Interpolated Field and VTR Style
  4. And FluidMotion is the fourth result and stands alone as its own unique look.

Below are links to JPG contact sheets using each method and exporting the first 6 frames of each sequence. Using A, B, C, D to uniquely identify frames, the following patterns for each are:

Blended VTR and Blended Interpolated: A|AB|B|BC|C|CD
Click link for full size contact sheet:

Both Fields and Duplicated Fields: A|A|B|B|C|C
Click link for full size contact sheet:

Interpolated Field and VTR Style: A|B|B|C|D|D
Click link for full size contact sheet:

FluidMotion: A|N*|A|N*|A|N*
Click link for full size contact sheet:

*Where N is a New frame.

It’s not really fair to use a countdown to show FluidMotion as it creates new frames based on pixels in the frame, but is shown here just for fun.

Having so many options is a bit redundant, and confusing, in a progressive project using progressive footage with input and output set to progressive.  There was no real difference in render times between any of the options other than FluidMotion which is doing a lot of pixel calculations, so is expected to take longer. But now we know the answer.

*Edit: Remember when judging motion effects frame by frame that the timeline setting be green/green or you will only be seeing one field or 1/2 a segmented frame when stepping through. This has caught me several times. The above contact sheets were done as an export, so they are the full progressive frames.

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