Viewing FilmScribe XML Files


XML export from FilmScribe offers a lot more metadata than any of the metadata you can add to any of the other list types. This export will export all metadata on a source clip if it is available making it quite handy for downstream processes. If you do use the FilmScribe XML export and use a text editor to view the file, some applications do not do a good job of laying out the XML in a readable fashion. I use the free TextWrangler (also available in the AppStore) a lot on OS X for text editing and fix-it type operations. And while it can open an XML file, it’s layout was not easy on the eyes as seen here:


I did a little searching for better XML display and came across a posting on how to add a “tidy XML” filter to TextWrangler that would make it more readable. I noticed on my system, that the folder/path mentioned in the steps was not on my system:

~/Library/Application Support/TextWrangler/Text Filters/

A little more research on a different site mentioned that it could just be created and added which I did, and it worked great. So here is the .sh file and the folder as a zip file that you can download, unzip, and add to:

~/Library/Application Support/

Once that is done, you will see “tidy” appear in the Text/Apply Text Filter menu as seen here:


Once installed and selected, that same XML will now look like the following and is much easier to navigate when looking for specific metadata:


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