Transcode and Relink Across Projects with Different Frame Rates



Update 2/6/2015: Versions 8.x and higher now allow for a transcode to maintain original frame rate as an option.

Update 11/11/17: Version 8.9.3 and higher now allows for relinking across frame rates. 


Original Blog:

With the introduction of Avid Media Composer v6, Avid’s Mix & Match allowed for sources of different frame rates to exist in the same timeline. In order to match back to the source for a conform via a relink, it is recommended that the source clips first be opened in their native project type, AMA link, then transcode if needed, before opening it up into the master timeline project. From there, the user can manage sources by decomposing the timeline, sorting by frame rate, and going back to the original project if a relink and transcode to a higher resolution was needed from the camera originals, or access to the higher resolution with FrameFlex, new with Media Composer v7.

But it is quite common for these steps to not be adhered to, as the user may be new, doesn’t read the manual, or just basic human error of not creating the proper project to start with and start editing right away. To me, good solution design is not only designing for when everything is perfect, but also anticipate most if not all the errors than can happen in a workflow and allow a user to continue editing. The link to the workflow guide will give users an overview on how to get around the “Because the new edit rate does not match the original clip, you cannot batch capture, batch import, relink, or link (via AMA) to these new clips.” message should one ever need to get back to the camera originals.

And seeing as it it possible to do, despite the several tedious and somewhat time consuming steps, it seems to me that the transcode feature is another candidate for completion rather than leave the user thinking it is not possible. Seems that most of this process could be done with the “modify format” command” then a relink to selected. It would be two steps. Or… a single “relink to selected” command that does just that - relinks just those events in the timeline with matching source names and timecode reducing it to just one operation.


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