XYZ to Rec709


An interesting workflow challenge was brought to my attention via my friend Job ter Burg ACE/NCE. He was looking for a LUT to re-edit a version of a trailer that was already in XYZ color space used in DCP delivery. The desire was to edit while looking at proper color space rather that the rather greenish look of XYZ, especially when working with producers and directors.


as XYZ


¬†Well come to find out, it was not easy to find a DCI-XYZ to Rec709 LUT, so I reached out to my very talented colorist friend, Bradley Greer of KyotoColor and he provided me with one as well as a Rec709 to DCI-XYZ LUT just in case I needed both. These LUTs are in .cube format so can work in a variety of software solutions that support the .cube LUT format including NLE’s like Media Composer and Premiere Pro.

Download both LUTs:

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