Using DaVinci Resolve’s Scene Cut Detection with Avid Media Composer


A long time feature request in Media Composer is the ability to use scene detection on a clip that represents an edited program. Typically, these may be brought back in for further tweaking, but need to be “notched” to know where each scene begins and ends. If you no longer have the project, or the EDL from the original edit, you can use DaVinci Resolve’s excellent scene detection functionality and export an AAF back into Avid Media Composer.

For a workflow that is trying to use an MXF file from the result of a video mixdown, that will not work as the mixdown file has no Tape or Source File when created.  In order to work with a mixdown file, the additional following steps are needed:

  1. Export as QuickTime reference. Give the file a simple name like 001, 002, rather than the lengthy name given to mixdown files.
  2. Use this QT reference for the Scene Cut Detection.
  3. Import the same QT reference back into the project. This creates a SOURCE MOB (Source File) as part of the Fast Import
  4. Follow steps in the PDF with the master clip created from the QT reference roundtrip.


Update 1/16/15: Another method it to export clip via AMA Export as MXF which is also supported in DaVinci Resolve

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