OS X Automator to Shut Down Avid Application Manager



For those using Media Composer with dongles, Avid’s Application Manager is only useful from time to time, and when you do need it, you just launch it, log in and do what you need to get done. But for the majority of the time, there is no need for it to be running in the background using up cycles (even small ones) and pinging for something new to report. We all get news about updates through several other channels already.

Just quitting out of Application Manager does not quit the Helper application. That has to be done manually via the Activity  Monitor. It’s been a long time request that there be a setting in the Application Manager to not launch on startup. While waiting for that feature, Dennis Bethke created a small Automator that will shut down both the application and the helper with a simple double-click. Maybe someone has a Windows version they can share and that I can point to from this blog entry.

Download here.

Here are steps to disable it from launching on startup.

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