Modifying Audio Tracks in AMA


Media Composer v7 brings some enhancements to AMA and its management of linked files. For the most part, these linked files behave like the Avid managed media within the Avid MediaFiles folder structure.  But AMA linked files don’t allow for better audio track management when linking to either audio files like BWF with iXML or for video clips that contain audio tracks. It would be great to have track selection as part of the AMA Source Settings, but in the meantime, this document will show you how to use Unlink/Modify/Relink as a workaround.



It has been noted on the Avid-L by John Pale that he has run into some weirdness when attempting this workflow. He describes it as an “endless cryptic error message” (and I thought that was only for producer’s notes ;) ) If you run into this, he suggests taking the drive offline to which the clips are linked and going through the steps again and it worked fine. In my testing, on OS X, Win and Unity I have yet to run into issues, but it doesn’t mean it won’t ever happen.

Media Composer v7 brings in a whole new AMA management process which I have yet to decipher in all workflows. The links to the AMA files seem to stay around forever, even when I delete the AMA linked clips in the bin. When I move the camera originals to another drive and AMA link, they still show up as being on the original drive in the bin column. It’s nice that they appear in the Media Tool, but it would be great to now offer a clip filter function in that view (same for the FIND results window…). Perhaps a topic for another day.

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