Mix & Match Continued…

I’ve gotten into looking at what happens with the different settings when using test frames such as the ones in the images. Following is the different Field Motion settings for a 25p to 24p frame rate conversion. What has caught my attention is the background gray scale and the Blue/Red combination of the square over the 1 second cycle. Although the letters show a distinct two frame blend, the background has all different gray scale values from the start to the end of the cycle. It clearly shows the difference between the interlace setting versus the progressive setting. I took the RGB values and mapped then into a spreadsheet and plotted out the P and the I against each other for a 1 second cycle. A further calculation would show the percentage of the blend over time of the pulldown cycle for each frame blending operation. That chart looks like:

FM_P = Progressive (Blue)

FM_I - Interlace (Red)


Here is what the 1 second cycle looks like on a per frame basis when set to Interlace. Note the distinct Black and White Backgrounds for the first 12 frames, then the blending starts with frame 13 :


And the progressive set of frames start the frame blending right from frame 2 over the course of the 1 second cycle:


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