The DPX Story Update…

It seems that my interpretation of the Glue Tools response to their no longer developing a DPX AMA Plug-in may have been a unwarranted. Perhaps a better word than “revoked” could have been used. That was the first word that came to mind based on the response I received fromĀ  Glue Tools when asked about it’s availability (having been invited to be part of the beta program several months prior). That, combined with my own experience in obtaining an AMA Development license, led me to the bigger topic discussed the original blog which was more about creating a rich developer platform regardless of how many “DPX solutions” might be created. Glue Tools was just an example.

I have been recently informed by Avid, that the DPX Plug-in decision was based on a mutual agreement, seeing as Avid was already working on one and it did not make business sense to have another one in development, combined with the fact that AMA only supports clip-based media in its current state, and not frame-based as you will find with DPX, DNG, OpenEXR, or sequential graphics of any kind. So between a new area of development and obvious additional support, and Avid having one in development, Glue Tools has moved on to other AMA solutions such as the one for the Phantom Cine camera. But from a business perspective, I run into the need for DPX far more than supporting the Phantom camera. In fact, the Phantom camera came up only once in the last two years. DPX on the other hand, is an industry standard interchange format as well as being available as a recording format with add-on recorders such as the Odyssey 7Q from Convergent Design, so its need is far greater in my opinion.

On a related AMA note, I was also informed that the iXML AMA Plug-in has been updated and will be rolling out soon. I will review that one, one it is publicly available. Maybe there will be an update to the QuickTime AMA plug-in to bring in more metadata than just timecode and file name. RED R3D could also use some TLC to take better advantage of Avid workflow solutions such as the new Dynamic Media Folders.

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