AMA Transcode - heads-up!


MC v7 introduced a lot of workflow enhancements around AMA that will benefit many productions. Two big efficiency features are “Background Transcode” and “Dynamic Media Folders” (DMF). There are some differences that impact workflow between those two that will be addressed in a future blog when it comes to non-16:9/2K+ resolution media that users should be aware of, and should consider before embarking on many days worth of dailies.

This particular “heads-up” relates to AMA background transcode or DMF when working in “Film” projects. The reason I like working in Film projects was discussed in this blog. But users should be aware that using AMA for picture in addition to sound sources will prevent the 1/4 frame resyncing feature to work.

The workaround for double system sound workflows, is to import the BWF files rather than link with the BWF/iXML AMA Plug-in which currently has its own set of issues, but have been told that these will be addressed very soon. But you need both picture and sound to work in order to sync to the 1/4 frame and the only workaround for picture is to create the MXF/DNxHD media with a third party solution or with Media Composer v6.5.x and earlier. There has been no indication as to when this issue would be resolved.

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