Producer/Director Notes


Reporting is still very much needed in collaborative workflows. Producers and directors like to have something they can look at to show coverage and other notes from production. This is required for dailies solutions. In post, I create PDF’s from the “Script” view of the bin that allows for a representative frame, a few columns of source metadata (depending on length of data) and a large empty area for anyone to enter notes. I print these up for those who need it directly from a bin.

It does take a little fiddling to get the right set up, but that is quickly done and once set can be saved as a form of a template.  From there, you can add other bins via the Tab’d bin view to quickly print them up when needed. On Mac OS X, PDF creation is native to the operating system and I use the PDF Preview to make sure it is set right. On Windows, there are Printer add-ons to create PDF. Having this printout view as a preset template would be a nice feature to have done automatically. But after one or two tweaks, you can create a PDF that exports as the example here:


I also subscribe to Adobe Creative Cloud as Photoshop, After Effects and Illustrator are commonly needed in most workflows. But with that, I have been playing with all the other Adobe solutions available to me (Adobe Acrobat), and in the PDF example provided, I also embedded a URL link on the image frame to the clip stored on a cloud streaming service. In this case, I used AFrame, but it could be any of the many available streaming services. Clicking the thumbnail for 30A/1, will take you that clip on the AFrame site ready to play. Having this be part of the reporting output would be a great way to tie editorial, execs, and creatives together. In doing so, the document ranges from a simple printout to a more interactive dailies review solution. I can choose the different solutions at the price point needed, when I need it and keep the document small enough to send via email.

When MetaSync was supported, Media Composer supported Hyperlinks within bin columns . “Option/Control-clicking” the link would take you wherever that link went. One could imagine if that still existed, it could be added to the printout automating these types of workflows.

I have been playing with Adobe Prelude to better learn its place in the production to postproduction pipeline. It does allow for hyperlinks to be associated on a Marker or the span of a clip, very much like MetaSync’s AEO (Avid Enhanced Objects) allowed the creation of “smart media”.  Not only do features like that enable these simple review solutions, but become the basis for two-screen viewer participation in the broadcast environment where “value” is tagged from the very beginning of the process and extracted via the XMP when needed. 

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