Resolve ALE Merge for AMA Linked Files


It is possible to log clips with Resolve and use ASC CDL values as part of Media Composer’s new LUT/ASC CDL support, when using AMA to link to original┬ácamera files. The trick is a little ALE editing of two column headings. It first starts with making sure Resolve REEL is correctly set using “source clip filename” as seen in the above screenshot. This is found in setting, conform options in the “assist using reel names from the” subsection. The clips will look like this in the Media Pool:


Do whatever color correction work for ASC CDL as per Resolve guidelines, and then export the timeline as “ALE and CDL…”:


The ALE then needs to have to two column headings edited and is easily done in a text editor. The columns heading and example values will look like the following before editing:


Change “Name” to “Source File” and change “Tape” to “Name”. The original value in Name is exactly what AMA will produce in the “Source File” column when linking and now allows for a Merge to happen. The ALE will now look like:

ale-after.gifOnce edited and file saved, proceed per usual merge function in the import shot log settings. All metadata will be applied to the linked AMA clips including ASC CDL values as part of a color management workflow during the editorial process as well as any other values logged in Resolve.

This process will work for any ALE file as long as the filename + extension is somewhere in the ALE file - just edit its column header to “Source File”.

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